Please note:
ClubGrants accounts are solely for grant making organisations, running ClubGRANTS programs.

For applicants seeking funding please refer to the Local Committees Index for funding opportunities in your area.

What is ClubGrants Online?

ClubGRANTS Online is a system allowing for online processing and recording of ClubGRANTS Category 1 and Category 2 applications. Applicants will be able to submit their funding requests online, and clubs or local committee convenors will be able to review and access all applications and respond easily online to successful and unsuccessful applicants. ClubGRANTS Online will also have a mechanism allowing for clubs to continually record their community contributions which do not fall within the scope of Categories 1 and 2.

What can we do with it?

  • Accept grant applications online
  • Conduct internal and external grant assessments online
  • Manage your workload with scheduled tasks and stages
  • Record decisions and process payments
  • Generate easily customisable reports
  • Never lose track of key contact details

Who is Clubs NSW partnering with to provide ClubGrants online?

Clubs NSW is partnering with the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) to provide SmartyGrants ( SmartyGrants is the most widely used grants software for Australian grantmakers with over 300 organisations already using the system including Federal, State, Local and philanthropic organisations.

How will ClubsNSW use the data?

Any data obtained through ClubGRANTS Online will be used for industry advocacy purposes only. No individual club information will be used without express permission from the club concerned.

Can clubs who are not ClubGRANTS eligible use the system?

Yes. ClubsNSW encourages all clubs to record their community contributions, both financial and in-kind, using ClubGRANTS Online. ClubsNSW will consequently be able to promote the good work of clubs that are not ClubGRANTS eligible but still provide great assistance to their local communities.

What if my club already has an online system for processing grants?

We understand that there are some local committees and clubs that have already built their own online system for processing grants. These groups will have the opportunity to transfer their programs to the ClubsNSW ClubGRANTS Online system if they choose. Any clubs or local committees already using SmartyGrants, our partner for ClubsNSW ClubGRANTS Online system will be transferred to our system at no extra cost.

Who will have access to my club’s community support information?

Each club will have one administrator who will distribute usernames and passwords. They will also determine the level of access for each user. The same will apply with local committee convenors, with the level of access granted determined by the clubs within the local government area. The clubs themselves therefore determine access to information and control their own community support data. ClubsNSW will be able to view overall data which is protected from wider access by confidentiality clauses in our supplier contract.

How long does it take to set up a grants program?

This varies but you may be surprised at how easy it is to launch ClubGRANTS Online! All form templates (application, standard funding report forms, assessment and administration) have been provided by ClubsNSW already built into the system.

In one example, a grantmaker was up and running within 4 days!

What are the IT requirements?

ClubGRANTS Online is a hosted solution, meaning that all of the technical work is taken care of for you. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a browser. No IT expertise is required. You own all your data (and we have an agreement to that affect) although ClubsNSW will use for reporting purposes. Your data is contained in a secured hosting location with backups done regularly.

Is training provided?

Yes, we have extensive online documentation help hub and ClubGRANTS Training Pack to help you with each stage of the process. We also run regular computer lab workshops for all SmartyGrants users, visit our training schedule page for more details.

We also have a phone/ email support help line which we operate Monday – Friday during business hours. E-mail or phone (03) 9320 6888.

How much does it cost to use ClubGrants online?

ClubsNSW are providing this to you as a trial free of charge.

Can we trial it before committing?

Yes, trial accounts are available upon request.

Who can I talk to you about this?

If you would like to discuss it further, please call the SmartyGrants team on 03 9320 6888 or email

Where do I sign up?

Please complete the ClubGRANT Online sign up form here