Better manage your ongoing grantee relationships

With SmartyGrants you can easily keep track of the progress of your grant applicants, record file notes to capture the history of your relationships and send correspondence using mailouts.  New contacts are automatically created on submission of an application, and you can flag applications and contacts to ensure all staff are aware of special requirements.

Record correspondence

Your relationships with grantees and applicants are at the centre of your work and are too important for you to lose.

SmartyGrants helps you to easily record file notes to capture the history of your relationship with grantees. Groups of contacts can be “tagged” for identification.


Send bulk email communications to applicants and associated contact types within SmartyGrants. Users can filter across programs and applications to ensure the right audience is selected for your correspondence. Generated reports and letters can be added to e-mails as attachments and any e-mails sent from SmartyGrants are recorded as a file note against the relevant contact.

Flag an organisation

Flagging applications and contacts through SmartyGrants helps remind you of your past dealings with specific grantees and applicants, as well as ensuring you and your staff are aware of any special requirements they may have.

Export contact details

You can export a list containing your contacts’ details at any time.

It’s all about relationships

SmartyGrants allows you to quickly view which contacts –  individuals or organisations – are connected to a specific application. It also makes it simple to update details in order to change those connections between contacts and applications.