SmartyGrants users pay an annual fee which is based on each organisation’s annual grant/award/scholarship allocation, allowing you to lock in your budget allocations with certainty.

If you are an uncomplicated organisation distributing less than $25 million a year, your annual fee will be as described below. Large organisations with multiple departments and/or which distribute more than $25 million a year should contact us for a tailored quote.



* All prices listed include GST

* Note New Zealand subscription excludes GST

* For more information about the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) and details of membership benefits, visit
* Each additional 100GB of storage is charged at $1000/annum (including GST)​

Initial Training


* New Zealand subscribers receive 1 day on-site training in lieu of SmartyClass passes

* Philanthropy New Zealand members receive free attendance for two people at two training workshops, conducted specifically for PNZ members


Other Fees

Other Fees* Please note there is a $500 per annum fee to enable Secure FTP access to SmartyGrants.
* Please note there is a $750 charge for an account launch pad, including applicant site skinning.

* Please note any variations to the standard contract incur a fee of $2500.
** Prices include GST.

What’s included?

Traditionally, software users would have to buy a licence to use a particular version of the application.

With SmartyGrants you are purchasing a subscription to use the system for 12 months.

This means you will always have access to the latest version of the system – including every feature or innovation that we implement.

Our subscription-based service allows you to pay significantly less than you would for a traditional software licence, and you can vary your subscription from year to year.

One annual fee per organisation

Your subscription fee covers your entire organisation, no matter how many grants programs you are running.

(If you are large federal or state government agency distributing more than $25 million per annum, you may have more complex arrangements. Therefore different pricing will apply. If so, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.)

Additional Training

There is plenty of support and training available for our users.  We provide extensive online help documentation and video tutorials available at

We also also provide face to face training workshops,  see training options to learn more.


Data Migration

Tailored migration of your existing grants program data to SmartyGrants can be arranged.

We work with you to produce a tailored quote, based on your requirements, with a typical charge of between $3,000 and $10,000.

See data migration for more information.


Form Building / Report Design / Branding

For organisations wanting extra support, we can build your forms or reports.

Our preference is for you to learn how to do this through training sessions, but if you are hit with unanticipated applicant demand or staff shortages we can do them for you.

Report writing costs $150 per hour (GST inclusive); form building is $150 per hour (GST inclusive).

If your organisation’s branding changes after implementation and you need to update the look and feel of your forms, we can arrange a new “skinning” at a cost of $500 (GST inclusive).


Project Management Support

For standard implementations, no extra fees apply.

However, if you need us to participate in a more complicated project implementation – for example, presentations to your Steering Committee, or formal project reporting – we are available to do so for $150 per hour (GST inclusive).


Unlimited Applications

We don’t charge you a fee for each application you receive. It seems illogical to us to penalise your organisation for successfully getting the word out about your grants program. And because the cost of data storage is continually dropping, we see no reason to impose arbitrary caps on how many applications you can receive.