Five key grantmaking problems – and why SmartyGrants is the solution

In building SmartyGrants we’ve examined, analysed, interrogated and distilled the lessons from thousands of people and programs drawn from all kinds of settings in order to build the best, most practical, most powerful system possible.

SmartyGrants provides the solution to five key grantmaking problems:

  • Problem 1: “I’m flooded by paper and overwhelmed by admin”
  • Problem 2: “Our grants management systems just haven’t kept pace with the needs of our program”
  • Problem 3: “I’m not sure if we’re ready for the auditors”
  • Problem 4: “I need an easier way to slice and dice our data”
  • Problem 5: “Everyone’s telling us to ‘get online’”

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Who else is using it?

SmartyGrants is the only grants management software developed to meet the specific needs of Australian and New Zealand grantmakers, both big and small.

More than 220 organisations are already using SmartyGrants to revolutionise their grantmaking.

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Compare other systems

Just starting your research on what a grant system should deliver? Need a way to objectively compare various systems? Let us point you in the direction of some completely independent research on what grants management systems should deliver.

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Convince your boss

Now you’re convinced that SmartyGrants is the answer to your prayers, it’s time to convince the people that hold the purse strings. The information here should give you a good start, but we also have a full-blown business case which we’re more than happy to share with you. Just give us a call.

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Data migration

We’re yet to encounter any existing data that could not be migrated into SmartyGrants. This is because SmartyGrants is immensely flexible in terms of the amount of information you can hold about applications.

Data migration itself is a relatively simple process; so simple that some of our clients choose to do it themselves (though we can help if that works better for you). We are always keen to work with people to ensure the data migration process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Of course, if you do need tailored migration of existing grants program data to SmartyGrants, we can arrange it. From an initial examination of the data you wish to migrate, we can give you a quote for the maximum that the migration will cost. When it comes to actually billing you for the migration work we charge on a time basis, so our quote is something you can give your bean counters so they can properly budget for it.

Typically we find we come in under our quote (and that makes the bean counters very happy) and if we somehow fail to understand the scale of the migration task and it takes longer than we anticipated, then it is on our head and we’ll bear the expense.

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Our extensive help documentation – – is a great first port of call if you are in need of assistance.

However, for more detailed support and training, we offer a variety of packages which are included in your SmartyGrants subscription price.

The packages include a full day of training (or two half days) via an online webinar, face-to-face at our offices in West Melbourne, or at a venue you nominate.

Extra training is available by registering for one of our scheduled training days, which are staged regularly throughout the year.

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