The Australian Institute of Grants Management

SmartyGrants has been developed by Our Community through its best practice grants management division, the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM).

The Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) is a best practice network for government and local government grants managers and grantmakers. The AIGM is working to help grantmakers review and improve their grants programs, and keep abreast of best practices both within Australia and internationally.

As well as inventing and administering SmartyGrants, the AIGM’s major offerings include:

  • Peer Exchange – we oversee a number of grantmaking affinity groups, and convene an annual conference for grantmakers
  • Grants Management Quarterly (GMQ) – plain language publication tracking best practices in grantmaking across Australia and from all over the world
  • Grantmaking Toolkit – an all-in-one decision-making framework, workbook (including policy building templates), and check-up tool designed to walk grantmakers through the process of building, reviewing or refreshing a grants program
  • Grantmaking Knowledge Bank – best practice thinking and case studies
  • Grants in Australia Survey – annual survey of grantseekers tracking the performance of grantmakers throughout Australia.
  • Grantmaking Manifesto – what drives us forward, and what we think needs to be done to get us all there faster. Includes Codes of Practice for grantmakers and grantmaking agencies and organisations.