SmartyGrants is immensely flexible in terms of the amount and type of information that can be migrated into it.

The basis to data being migrated is having your existing data in an Excel spreadsheet; so as long as you can get your previous or existing data into Excel, it can be migrated.

We can also cater for your existing file attachments and bring them across as either part of an attachment to a form or as an attachment to a file note for specific contacts.  You may also find that you just want to import Standard Fields into the system, either against existing application records or just Standard Fields into a new record – we can do that too!

What can be migrated?


What is the process?

Step 1 – Assess and prepare your data:  you know your existing data far better than we do, so the process kicks off with you reviewing what you do and do not want to migrate.  This needs to be compiled in a single Excel file, each column should represent a key bit of information about the applications that you want to migrate.  Once you have an accurate small data sample, share this with the SmartyGrants team to provide an accurate quote (see outline of costs below).

Step 2 – Create required items:  you create the items (example, forms, budgets, rounds, etc) to hold all of the data that you want to migrate into SmartyGrants. This typically involves building an application form and possibly assessment form/s. In building these forms you need to look at what fields are in your existing database and where you would like that data to appear in your new forms in SmartyGrants. Typically each column in your spreadsheets (from the first step) corresponds with a field in one of the forms that you make. We generally find that it is most efficient if you build these forms yourselves and then we help you tweak them if required. You can outsource this process to us, however that will be a much more costly option than doing it yourself.

Step 3 – Populate data into final migration spreadsheet: now that your forms are built, the SmartyGrants team can provide you with the final migration spreadsheet drawn from your account.  You will need to populate this spreadsheet with all the data you want migrated and of course the team here can walk you through this and lend a hand if required.  It’s worth mentioning that the old rule applies: garbage in = garbage out, so we will help you scrub and polish your existing data to make sure that it sparkles in SmartyGrants.

If any amendments are made to the forms in your system after you are provided with the migration spreadsheet, you will need to notify the SmartyGrants team as soon as possible so we can minimise any additional data clean up resulting from any changes. This could result in additional cost.

Step 4 – Complete migration:  once the data is all sparkling and clean and we receive the final migration spreadsheet, we go away and do our little bit of magic to complete the migration.

Timeframe & Costs

The SmartyGrants team will have a look at your data (Step 1) and give you an approximate quote for what the migration will cost.  The following outlines the costs that may be applicable to your migration.  If at any point throughout the process the SmartyGrants team believe the cost quoted may change due to something unforseen, the team will be in contact and discuss next steps.

Once the team receive your data (Step 3), the migration can take a minimum of two weeks to deliver, however, a more definitive timeline will be discussed with you at the time.


We find migration costs generally range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, but that always depends on the number of applications, the state of the data you give us and how much of the form design and data cleansing you can do yourself.  Once we take a look at the data, if we believe there may be more time and effort needed for your specific migration we will discuss this with you and quote accordingly.

For any further information or to discuss your migration please contact the SmartyGrants support team on (03) 9320 6888 or