Kick-start your research

In case you are wondering what a grants management system should do, you should have a look at the research done by the respected US not-for-profit technology advisory organisation Idealware.

This research examined almost all of the available grants management systems available in the United States and involved interviews with a large number of philanthropic foundations using the various systems. While the research is US-centric (both in the software examined and in the grantmaking organisations interviewed), we think it provides a very good blueprint for examining what a grants system should do, regardless of whether you are a philanthropic foundation, a not-for-profit, a government agencies, a local council or an individual philanthropist.

The report can be found at (note you need to provide your contact details to access the report).

Why are we providing information on competing systems?

Why are we telling you about the Idealware research and giving you a detailed breakdown on many SmartyGrants competitors?

As the research makes clear, no system is perfect, though we think ours will come closer to perfection than those featured by Idealware! Plus we think many of the systems are overpriced compared to what they offer. Ours is more affordable.

What’s more, no system featured in this research is designed specifically for Australia, and very few (if any) of the systems offer adequate support that is based in Australia.

We have taken the research and findings from Idealware, coupled it with our knowledge of best practice and input from our feeder groups, and used it as the template for building the best grants management system on the market.