Canadian research reveals funders' evaluation role

Posted on 16 Sep 2019

Extensive research into the state of evaluation in Canada's charities has examined trends, influences, and types of evaluation measures and frameworks in that sector.

The study by Imagine Canada - which has a mission to strengthen charities and promote giving - tapped into the relationship between funders and charities, the implications for both, and how funders help charities achieve their missions.

The key findings, which reflect global trends and aspects of the Grants in Australia study, included:

  • Comparatively few charities receive dedicated evaluation funding
  • Externally funded charities are more likely to evaluate their work and to use more involved techniques
  • There are few direct linkages between external funding and how charities use evaluation results
  • Dedicated evaluation funding is broadly linked to indicators of higher evaluation capacity
  • Funded charities are facing greater challenges over evaluation, including pressures to measure, relationship issues and difficulties using data
  • Charities receiving dedicated evaluation funding have more collaborative relationships with funders and find communications more productive.

Read the report in full.

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