Grantmaking Intelligence Conference

Thank you to all those who attended our most recent Grantmaking Intelligence Conference

Keep an eye on SmartyNews and our website for upcoming local musters, training opportunities, and information on next year's grantmaking intelligence conference.


What people say...

“What a fantastic conference. Everything was very well run and organised and the speakers were terrific. I would like to get my team over in person from Perth next year.”
Amber de Jong, grants manager, Department of Communities.
“The Our Community team made every minute of this conference count. Every session was of value. This is the most relevant, useful conference I’ve ever attended.”
Alexis, local government grantmaker
“This is where the engaged practitioners go to hone their skills and learn about the latest developments in the grantmaking sphere.”
Julie, local government grantmaker
“Understanding that grantmaking is a craft/industry that has colleagues, peers, professional development opportunities etc. I had never really considered that there is a community around it.”
“A good chance to catch up with people and see what’s happening, what we are doing right and what we need to improve on.”

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