SmartyGrants Maps helps you visualise and export your data to create location-based insights about your funding patterns.

The SmartyGrants Maps dashboard is available via a new tab in the Reports section of SmartyGrants. Any geo-coded address associated with a grant application will automatically appear on your map.

SmartyGrants Maps
  • Each grant application shown as a dot on the map (green for Approved, Red for Declined, blue for Undecided)
  • Tag an address with 'Project Location' to make them appear on the Map
  • Each dot can be clicked to reveal a summary of data about the application (address; applicant name; amount requested and granted; project summary; associated applications), or you can click through to the application details
  • Filter by
    • Program
    • Round
    • Date
    • Status (Undecided, Approved, Declined)
  • Add overlay boundaries:
    • Australia: Federal Electorate, State Electorate, Local Government Area, Remoteness Area, State, Postcode, Suburb
    • New Zealand: Regional Council, Territorial Authority
  • Color each selected area by total funds allocated, total funds requested, or the approval rate
  • Show statistical information for various areas, including
    • Money granted
    • Number of applications approved vs declined
  • Click an individual area for quick summary statistics, such as the total number of grant applications and funding allocated in that area
  • Download statistics or applications relating to selected areas as a CSV file
  • Look up specific aspects of an address (e.g. an electorate) within the form editor