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The SmartyGrants team is dedicated to ensuring our software works for you. Below are some of our more common add-on services you may want to consider.

(SmartyGrants can be used as self-service software but we are here to provide more help if you need it. Click here to explore our services offerings and pricing.)

Service Fee (AUD)
RE-SKINNING/RE-BRANDING: Change of branding? We can reskin your client-facing SmartyGrants webpage to match your new look and feel. $200 per hour
DATA MIGRATION / GEOCODING: Shifting historical data into your SmartyGrants account or geocoding historical records. $1,000 + $200 per hour
BACKUP AND SECURE FTP: Weekly backup of all data and files related to your account, comprising of three files and access to backup files via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). $500 per annum
XERO INTEGRATION: Connect to your online accounting software. $500 per annum
API: Integrate SmartyGrants with other business applications (e.g. CRM/FINANCE/EDRMS) $2,000 per annum
METADATA FILE EXPORT: Ability to export data from SmartyGrants and import into your chosen Electronic Document and Records Management System. $550 for default configuration+ $200 per hour for configuration customisation
SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO): Allows a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g. name and password) to access multiple applications. $2000 one off set-up fee + $500 per annum
TRANSLATIONS: Ability for applicants to apply in a foreign language (12 additional languages supported). $1500 per annum
COPY PROGRAM: Copy one or multiple SmartyGrants programs from one SmartyGrants instance to another. $1,500 per program
LOCK INSTANCE: Put an entire instance "on ice" - deactivate all system-wide settings but preserve data for reference/audit purposes. $2,000 per annum
VARIATIONS TO STANDARD AGREEMENT/ CONTRACT: Our contract has been roadtested on hundreds of clients (it’s had many, many lawyers’ eyes cast over it). If you do feel you need to alter the standard contract, we will need to recoup our legal costs. $2,500 flat fee
FEATURE DEVELOPMENT: We occasionally accept requests to undertake feature development or build product enhancements. Our decision to accept requests generally depends on the applicability of the new functionality to our wider customer base, its compatibility with our own roadmap, and its impact to the customer. POA
Additional Services Fee (AUD)
SMARTYSEARCH: SmartySearch helps you promote funding opportunities to community groups and businesses in your local area efficiently and cost-effectively. SmartySearch is a customised grants database that can be seamlessly embedded in your website. Learn more by visiting explore.fundingcentre.com.au/smartysearch. From $1,500 per annum.

Fees correct as at March 3, 2024. All fees include Australian GST of 10%.

Per-annum fees are per-Instance unless otherwise indicated.

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